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Why AJIBB...

Preparing for an exam can be a tiring and costly affair. We know the amount of tension that builds up... We understand how you feel about wanting to hit those high scores...

AJIBB is backed by expert teachers with decades of successful teaching. AJIBB currently is in BETA and this means that behind the scenes, a lot of work is being done to help you in the best ways possible. We currently support English (eg: GCSE, IELTS) and Computer Science (GCSE and A Level) subjects and we're working hard to make this highly beneficial to learners.

It's a known fact that the more you test yourself, the better you get. So welcome aboard and test your way to success with AJIBB.

Sign up and monitor your progress

AJIBB is not just a software platform. It is a testing solution that gives you the chance of monitoring your progress.

AJIBB is not just some testing software. Behind the scenes are qualified expert teachers who will even run live tests just for you.

NOTE: Many of the great features will be rolled out in stages as we are currently running the BETA version.

Time for action...

Once you sign up, you simply use your web browser to run tests online. There's nothing to download. It has been observed that students who constantly undertake practice tests become more confident in their subjects. This is an amazing revision technique as well, and you are able to run your tests at anytime, anywhere.

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News alert...

  • AJIBB launch 16 OCT 2023
  • Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science (2210, 0478) and English is on AJIBB 20 OCT 2023
  • Pearson Edexcel Computer Science (4CP0/1CP0) was added onto AJIBB 05 DEC 2023
  • You can now see the correct answers after a test.22 DEC 2023
  • AJIBB Beta 0.4 released!21 JAN 2024


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